Trial Events for Participation in Yuvclique 2018 (10th February 2018)

Trial events were organized for sending the students to participate in Yuvclique 2018. Near about twenty students participated in Business Written Quiz, Debate and Poster Presentation. The students were selected based on the trial events for participation in Yuvclique 2018.  Literary Society also conducted the Debate Competition during Yuvclique on 17th February 2018 and suggested Topic for debate for the competition  ” Management is the basis/Foundation of all types of EducationPoster Presentation in digital print media form was also organised where the theme given to students was based on Innovative Ideas on Business/Commerce/Management. Following Students were selected for participation in various events:

S.No Name Class/Roll No Event of Participation Teams
1. Harrey B Com VI Sem


Business Quiz Team 1
2. Shivani B.Com II Sem


Business Quiz Team 1
3. Saksham Verma


B.Com IV Sem


Business Quiz Team 2
4. Simran M.Com II Sem


Business Quiz Team 2
5. Abhishek Gupta B.Com IV Sem


Poster Presentation Team 1
6. Vikram Singh B.Com IV Sem


Poster Presentation Team 1
7. Tushar Singh B.Com IV Sem


Poster Presentation Team 1
8. Rupali B.Com VI Sem


Poster Presentation Team 2
9. Surangana BBA II Sem 72/17 Debate Team 1
10. Gurmehar Kaur M.Com IInd Sem


Debate Team 1







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