Release of Newsletter (Grapevine)


‘grapevine’ college newsletter was released on the occassion of Republic day celebration. Principal Madam  Manjit Brar, HOD Rosy Walia, Dr Manoj K. Bhambu and Mr Amarpreet released the newsletter. Student constituting editorial board were appreciated on the occassion. It contains poem, song, paintings and interview of the students on the given topic.


Interactive Session on “Life is a Mystery” by Dr Pahlad Rai Aggarwal: 17th Dec 2014

An Interactive session was organized by the literary society of our college on 17th Dec 2014 under Special NSS Camp wherein the guest speaker as well as chief guest of the day was invited Dr Pahlad Rai Aggarwal the then Deputy Director Higher Education of Chandigarh Administration , and the FOUNDER and Former Principal of GCCBA. He gave a talk on the topic-“LIFE IS A MYSTERY” and interacted with the NSS Volunteers and shared his experience & wisdom on how important it is for the youth of today to realize that unless they make efforts to address their miseries in a right perspective and challenge their own limitations; there can be no real growth. He emphasized though that one can be easily successful in achieving their material gains in the present software in existence but for the real spiritual growth; he suggested that there are only two ways one is way of logic & other is the way of heart. In the former one need to learn to be in present, focus & work on one self and accept the life in its totality. In the latter way- he suggested is the way of heart- Love & meditation are the only solutions to the miseries of our life. He concluded the session highlighting that this is the real need of hour only if we are willing to understand, learn & take up the challenge.

Interactive Session by Dr Pahlad Rai Aggarwal on "Life is a Mystery" - 17th December 2014
Interactive Session by Dr Pahlad Rai Aggarwal on “Life is a Mystery” – 17th December 2014

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