THREE DAYS PRACTICAL WORKSHOP ON “Tuning with Management Education” (13-14-15 March 2018)

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A Practical THREE DAYS WORKSHOP on 13th, 14th and 15th March 2018  was  organized by Literary society of the college on the Topic: Tuning with Management Education by Prof Pahlad Aggarwal (Former Deputy Director Higher Education, Chandigarh Administration and Founder Member and Former Principal of GCCBA-50, Chandigarh) and his team. The venue for the workshop was Meditation Room of the College.

The purpose of this workshop was to help the students understand the practical and universal implication of management in addressing their all types of issues (whether personal or professional) to help them achieve their goals in all spheres of life for a happy, healthy and successful living by learning to tune with role of management education practically through body-mind harmony exercises. The three day workshop included theatrical exercises/games/ meditation techniques and sharing sessions. The number of Participants was limited up to a maximum of 15 and their registration was done   through online submission on first cum first basis.

The workshop included three days program in which during the first day the purpose of the workshop was introduced to them and a sharing session was held in which they were asked to share their purpose of attending the workshop. Later Tarot Cards were shared with all the students helping them to understand the guiding sutra for their life through which they can manage and tune themselves with the issues of life that they are currently dealing with.

During the second day of the workshop the students shared their concern on personal and professional front and a group discussion was held and the issues were addressed in specific at the individual level to help them  tune with those issues and take them in stride and overcome them and see them as opportunities rather obstacles in one’s growth.

During the third day of the workshop, one of the Zen stories was discussed based on “Judgement” highlighting that how one should drop the issues that concern them. Further story suggested that because one is not in tune with themselves therefore one carries things of past or future instead choosing to live totally in the present and let go of issues that concern.

Later on the story was enacted theatrically by the participants to help them understand the core meaning of the sutra in a practical manner.

To conclude the workshop, students shared their feedback and felt the need of such kind of workshops as it helped them to understand their own self/others and situations that they are dealing with. All in all it helped them to understand the keys to learn the art of tuning and take every challenge as an opportunity to grow and explore in that aspect of life in the context of management of self and others.

The Team distributed souvenirs to all the participants as a token of their participation in the workshop specially designed with their personal photographs by the event management team of the conductors. It was also suggested by the participants’ regular review sessions should be held at least once a week. Hence the review sessions were started after the workshop Every Thursday for the participants in the Mediation Room from 2 PM to 3:30 PM to see the overall implementation and progress of the same. Refreshments were served to the students on all three days. Later Feedback forms were received from the participants in which they shared that how this workshop has helped them to be at ease  with their emotional struggles and has helped them to see things with more clear perspective and the need to tune from within to deal with the issues of all sorts and overcome them in specific.




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