24th January 2016: Tri-City Inter College Declamation Contest at PGGC 11

Two of our students participated in Declamation Competition on National Voters Day organized by Political Science Department of PGGC –Sector 11, Chandigarh on the Topic “Factors affecting the Voting Behavior in contemporary India.” and both of them bagged following positions in the contest from near about twenty two participants from various colleges:

S.No Name Class Roll No Position
1. Gagandeep Singh B.Com III 77/13 First in Declamation(English)
2 Nitin Kumar B.Com II 73/14 Second in Declamation (Hindi)


District Level Inter College Declamation Competition Organised by Sri Sathya Sai (Chandigarh): 12th September 2015

An Inter college Declamation competition was organized by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Foundation, CHD on 12th September 2015. Around 50 students participated from various course backgrounds and expressed their views on the topics. The following students participated from our college:

S.No Name Class Roll No
1. Gagandeep Singh B.Com III 77/13
2 Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti BBA-I 1512009
3 Himani Sharma BBA-I 1512033
4 Kajal Pandey BBA-I 1512006
5. Usheer Sharda B.Com I 1511100

Leadership Training Program at GCCBA: 29th & 30th August 2015

Two day Leadership Training Program was being facilitated by M.R. Pai Foundation through skilled trainers from the Forum of Free Enterprise on 29th & 30th August 2015.More than 100 Students from various colleges of Chandigarh participated. Two renowned resource persons – Vivek Patki and Ajit Kamath, were invited who addressed the students on Effective Communication, Time Management, Goal setting and Self-Esteem in different sessions.It was more of an interactive session than lecturing that was concentrated upon by these resource persons where students were encouraged to find solutions of various day to day situations faced by them by involving them in many practical exercises and games such as goal-setting session, making a Pipe Tower, inspiring them by a song clipping that they heard . With these exercises they were practically taught on how to work in a team and how to broaden their horizons and help them to remove their inhibitions. Students from various colleges in chorus held the view that they enjoyed the sessions thoroughly and gained insights on how to become a successful leader and these sessions provided them with insight that leadership is not about following the footfalls of other people but to set their own direction and initiative.



The special guest of the day was Gita R. Pai, wife of renowned activist and journalist M.R. Pai. The workshop concluded with the valedictory function on 30th August 2015. Students from various colleges were given certificates.


Our students also participated in PU Zonal Youth Festival on 26th &30th September 2015

The following are the list of students that participated in PU Zonal Youth Festival in 2015-16 at PGGC College Sec 46 Chd in the literary events

S.No Name Class Roll No Event of Participation
1. Gagandeep Singh B.Com III 77/13 Elocution & Debate
2 Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti BBA-I 1512009 Debate
3. Vaibhav Taneja B.Com III 81/13 Essay Writing
4. Himani Sahdeva M.Com II 3029/14 Essay Writing
5. Priyanaka Sharma M.Com II 3018 Short Story Writing
6. Monika Kakkar B.Com III 108/13 Poem Writing
7. Raman Garg B.Com I 1511085 Poem Writing
8. Ravitej Singh Brar BCOM-I 1511068 Poetry Recitation
10. Vaibhav Taneja B.Com III 81/13 Quiz
11. Jaskaran Singh B.Com III 188/13 Quiz
12. Kartik  Malik B.Com II 139/14 Quiz


Gagandeep Singh of B.COM III won Second Prize in Elocution at PU Youth Fest Zonal level.

Trial Event For Public Speaking Competition: 13th August 2015

Public Speaking Competition was also organized on the same day by the literary society (Word Visharad) of our college on 13th August 2015. A total of 20 students participated in Debate/Elocution & Poetry Recitation. The following was the Topic given for Debate: Yoga and Sports Should Be Made Compulsory in Our Curriculum? Do you agree or disagree? & the following Topics were given for Elocution:

  1. The School bags gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?
  2. Is the Youth of India swayed by the use of social media in politics?
  3. Electronic Games vs role of sports.
  4. My vision for GCCBA

Following are the students shortlisted from the public speaking event:

S.No Name Class Roll No Event of Participation
1. Gagandeep Singh B.COM III 77/13 Debate/Elocution (English)
2 Gurpreet BBA I 1512009 Debate
3 Usheer B.Com I 1511100 Debate
4 Ravitej B.Com I 1511068 Elocution
5 Nitin Kumar B.Com II 73/14 Poem Recitation (Hindi)
6 Priyanka Sethia B.Com I 1511033 Poem Recitation (Hindi)

Trial Event for Creative Writing Competition: 13th August 2015

Trial Event was organized in the college on 13th August2015 wherein a total of 53 students participated in various literary items such as Essay writing, story writing and poetry writing competition. A total of near about 33 students participated in the creative writing competition. The following were the Topics given for Essay writing/Poem writing/Short Story writing:

  1. My vision for education
  2. Role of religion and changing human values
  3. India of my dreams
  4. Partition of India

Following is the list of students shortlisted in the creative writing event:

S.No Name Class Roll No Event of Participation
1. Vaibhav Taneja B.COM III 81/13 Essay Writing, English
2. Saureesh Verma B.COM I 1511089 Essay Writing, English
3 Harrey B.COM I 1511075 Essay Writing, English
4 Himani Sahdeva M.COM II 3029/14 Essay Writing, English
5 Himani Sharma BBA I 1512033 Short Story writing, Hindi
6 Raman Garg B.Com  I 85/15 Poem Writing, Hindi
7 Supriya Dogra BBA II 327/14 Poem Writing, Hindi