Celebrated International Mother Language Day 2019

International Mother Tongue day was celebrated on 23rd February 2019. On this occasion, a young poet and keynote speaker Mr. Ansh Sagar was familiarized with the students. Mr. Ansh Sagar was welcomed by the Vice-Principal, Dr. Bikramjit Kaur and was introduced to the students by Ms. Gurjodh Kaur, Assistant Professor in Punjabi. The poet shared his life experiences with the audience. He detailed his transformation from an engineer to a bard to the audience. The keynote speaker advocated the fuller use of mother tongue in our life and emphasized the fact that English language is rather superficial for us but our mother tongue, Punjabi is deeply connected with our emotions and culture.  He exhorted the collegiate to shun alien culture and respect their parents and teachers. He criticized obscenity in Punjabi songs and urged the youngsters to create august literature in their native languages.  The youngsters were advised to keep away from drugs because they are harmful both for the mind and the body. Many of his recitations were appreciated by the audience.